14:00 ceremony at Wasmeier Museum

15:00 reception | coffee & cake

17:00 beer tasting or guided tour through the museum

18:00 start apéro

19:00 start dinner

21:00 end dinner

22:00 start party

23:00 shuttle service every 30 min

03:00 kiss kiss good night to you all

11:00 bavarian brunch at Wasmeier Museum


We would love to have people dress with both countries’ style over there, that’s why we give you the opportunity to choose your attire preference:

You like to play it safe and come with your elegant suit or dress which you usually wear at weddings ( but please keep in mind that the celebration takes place in late autumn in the mountains, so don’t forget your woolen hat)

Or you wanna go fancy and proudly wear a more traditional Bavarian tracht. We can assure you that this one will keep you warm in case we all stay outside

If you want to go with option #2, but you don’t own a proper tracht, we recommend you to get in contact with Wolfgang from Lederhosenverleih, either via phone +49 (0) 89-550 272 41 or by email (he speaks English as well).

Located in Munich, Wolfgang offers a great variety of traditional high quality clothes for a reasonable price with a 24/7 return policy. If this sounds tempting but you still need to catch a plane the day following the wedding in the early morning, we would be happy to return your clothes on your behalf instead.

You can wear the bavarian tracht for the wedding day as well as for the next morning at the brunch… There you will have the privilege to see your freshly wedded couple in their own traditional clothes as well… So please feel free to join us, if you like! We would be delighted to “prost” with y’all!